A project by Katie Donnelly, Sophie Goldberg, and Carolyn Rodgers

To motivate students to do the hard work involved in questioning the strengths and weaknesses of constructed systems, our team created Brightcast, a YouTube channel that encourages high school students to analyze their education and take action in a positive direction.

Brightcast’s theory of change is rooted in the notion that active learning comes from critical thinking and questioning. In our generation, the majority of communal conversation occurs through the uninhibited screen of the Internet. Whether or not this is a productive trend for the general betterment of society is up for discussion, but regardless of how we feel about the prominence of online culture, we must embrace it in order to harness its powers and use it to our intellectual advantage.

Brightcast’s goal is to establish a platform for students of all ages and interests to observe, analyze, and adjust their educations through conversation that is free-form yet well organized. Video is an ideal medium to initiate conversation because, in prompting students to make videos, we are encouraging them to build their video producing skills, a relevant and employable skill.

Download the Brightcast full project report here.